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I work as a therapist with children and teenagers ages 9 - 18 who have a wide variety of concerns and are ready to make a change.

Common concerns with this age group are academics, stress, anxiety, depression, neurodiversity, a recent diagnosis, ADHD, autism (ASD), making friends, balancing after school activities, and many more!


Along with my clients, we work together in a collaborative and open environment to understand current issues and identify strategies to help address those concerns. 

My experience as a teacher and school counsellor provide me with a unique lens of the school environment and this knowledge is invaluable in helping my clients and their families navigate any challenges occurring at school.

I prioritize relationship-building and create a safe, fun environment in my office to hold space for clients, understand their worlds, provide psycho-education as needed to increase mental health literacy, and communicate with school staff as needed.

Child and Teen 
(Ages 9-18)

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