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  • Fees, paying for sessions, and billing/insurance information
    I prefer e-transfers for payment of sessions sent to: sarah(at), and I will send an invoice at the end of each session. Payment is due upon receipt. Pricing for my sessions is guided by the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors and applies for in-person and online sessions: 50-minute session with one client is $155 + GST = $162.75 As of Aug. 28, 2024, the fee will increase to $160 + GST = $168 50-minute session for two or more parents/guardians of current clients is $175 + GST = $183.75 As of Aug. 28, 2024, the fee will increase to $185 + GST = $194.25 Other services, such as meetings with school staff, travel to meetings, preparation of documents, etc. charged at a minimum of 25-minute slots is $80 + GST = $84 As of Aug. 28, 2024, the fee will increase to $90 + GST = $94.50 After paying, you will receive an receipt for your payment that you can submit to your insurance as I do not bill to insurance. Please check with your extended health benefits provider for details of your policy and to check that registered clinical counsellors (RCCs) are covered. I accept Autism Funding from the province of BC to pay for sessions. Once I have been approved as a provider with my current rate, I will bill any sessions biweekly to the province. Any sessions booked before funding has been approved will be billed to the payment method on file.
  • Information about my counselling office -- no waiting room!
    My office is unit 301, which is located at the top of the stairs on the third floor of the Fort Oak Centre at 1627 Fort Street. Please note my office does not have a waiting room. I've scheduled my appointments in my office with plenty of time between clients so you won't run into other clients. Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before your session start time. I will have a sign on my door that indicates when I'm ready for you to come in or my door will be open. I recommend you wait in the lobby area by the elevators on the third floor before your session and if you are picking someone up, please arrive to pick them up a few minutes before the session ends. If there is a situation where you do need to wait for your child's session, please let me know so we can discuss some options.
  • First steps - Scheduling a free phone call
    As fit is the more important part of counselling, we will have a free 15-minute phone call before starting counselling. Please fill out my contact form to get started! Depending on the age of the potential client, sometimes the calls are just with the client, and sometimes the parents/guardians do the call for the client (e.g., for children).
  • What to expect in the first session
    It's okay to be nervous about your first session! The first session is usually about getting to know you as the client more and how you perceive your life, strengths, goals, and aspirations. You can answer any question with as much or little detail as you like. And, as consent in counselling is important, you never have to talk about anything you don't want to. Before starting counselling with me, you will have the opportunity to read and sign forms describing confidentiality and other policies, and we will review these in the first session. For children: My office is a warm and welcoming space with a variety of toys, games, art materials, and other activities if needed and depending on the age of the client. I usually just meet with the client for the first session, but depending on the situation, I may meet with one or more of the guardians/parents as well.
  • My counselling schedule
    I offer individual in person or video counselling services, which can be booked on the Jane website. I do require a credit card on Jane in case of late cancellations, however payment for sessions is preferred by e-transfer and is due on receipt of the invoice. My Summer 2024 schedule: As I work mostly with students, I offer reduced sessions in July during the weeks of July 8 and 22 and will open back up for sessions starting Thursday, August 29th. My Fall 2024 schedule will be available by mid-August. In person counselling sessions take place at 301-1627 Fort Street, Victoria, BC with one hour free parking available in the parking lot for Shoppers and Urban Grocer.
  • 24-hour cancellation policy
    Scheduled sessions must be cancelled a minimum of 24 hours in advance or the full session fee will be charged, except in the case of emergency only (for example, a medical emergency, a death in the family, or a natural disaster). This makes sure I have enough time to fill the spot with an existing client from my waitlist. Please note: Masks are still required for in-person sessions if you have any cold/flu/COVID-19/allergy symptoms. Please avoid coming into the office if you are sick for the continued health and safety of everyone in the counselling office. If you are sick with any flu/cold/allergy/COVID-19 symptoms, you will have the opportunity to reschedule to an online appointment. If you choose to cancel your appointment and it's within the 24 hour cancellation window, a full cancellation fee will be applied.
  • Parent/Guardian/Family sessions
    Depending on the goal(s) of the client, there may be a need for parent/guardian/family sessions. I usually only see family members of current clients upon my client's request. As I do take a systems approach, often family sessions (with or without the client present) are a valuable part of counselling for most of my younger clients. Consent from all legal guardians/parents is required for child and teenager counselling services unless otherwise legally stated. I will require a copy of custody/parenting agreements when appropriate. For children, family sessions are usually held more regularly to support the work being done in individual counselling sessions. When I start working with a young client, I usually meet with them for 4-5 sessions to get to know them and their world. Then, I have a parent/guardian session to talk about the sessions and determine next steps. I prefer to have sessions with the parents/guardians every 2-3 months. For teenagers, it will depend on the individual client and family. Sometimes family counselling (e.g., sessions with the client and their parents/guardians) will be helpful, other times it will just be sessions with me and the parents/guardians.
  • Adding yourself to my waitlist in Jane
    To add yourself to my waitlist, once you are logged into your Jane account select me to bring up my booking page. Pick the session type (online or in-person) and when my calendar appears you will see “Can’t find a time? Add yourself to the wait list.” Click on this and complete the requested information. Once added to the waitlist, I will let you know if a spot opens up due to a cancellation.
  • Are counselling sessions still subject to GST?
    The short answer is that yes, I still have to charge GST for my counselling services. The long answer is that you may have seen some news articles, such as this one, stating that counselling and psychotherapy services are now tax-exempt in Canada. As soon as I receive further information from the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC), my professional association, I will let clients know and stop charging GST as applicable.
  • Discounted counselling sessions for undergraduate and graduate students
    I offer limited discounted counselling sessions for undergraduate and graduate students who can attend daytime sessions that start between 9:00 am and 1:45 pm, either in person or online. With the discount, sessions can range from $100 to $116.25 ( $105 to $122.06 including GST) per hour, which is a 25% - 35% discount from my regular hourly rate of $155. *As of September 1, 2024, my hourly rate increases by $5, thus the discounted sessions of 20% to 35% will range in price from $100 to $125 per hour ($105 - $131.25 including GST). During your free 15-minute intake call, we'll discuss the eligibility requirements to receive this discount. Please feel free to email me to inquire if I have spaces available.
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