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Substitute Faculty Application Package
for Camosun College

I'm pleased to be applying for a substitute faculty position in Academic and Career Foundations at Camosun College. I've included my cover letter, resume, and academic CV below.


In addition, I've included some supplementary materials, including feedback from my students and reference information.

Supplementary Information

The purpose of this section is to provide supplementary information for my application by:

  • Demonstrating how I collect student feedback during a course with examples from the two courses I taught during the Fall 2023 semester.

  • Providing reference information.

Examples of Student Feedback

Midterm Survey: During a course, I ask students for their anonymous feedback midway through the course to check in on their learning so I can make adjustments as necessary. I show the results to students during class and discuss changes that will be made based on feedback received.​​

  • PSYC 256: Introduction to Counselling taught at Camosun

  • ED-D 408: Promoting Prosocial Behaviour: Strategies and Management taught at UVic


Allyson Hadwin, PhD 

PhD Supervisor

Professor, Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies, UVic


Rose Vukovic, PhD


Professor, Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies, UVic


Bill Wong, PhD


Department of Psychology, Camosun College


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